TSI Assessment

TSI Overview

The TSI Assessment measures your strengths and weaknesses in mathematics and statistics, reading and writing, and is an indicator of how ready you are to handle college-level courses. The results of the assessment, in conjunction with your academic background, goals and interests, are used by academic advisers to place you in the appropriate course that matches your skill level. The goal is to help you become ready for college-level course work.

Mandatory Pre-Assessment Activity

Before taking the TSI Assessment, a Pre-Assessment Activity must be completed. Click to be directed to take the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) for UNT Dallas.

The Pre-Assessment Activity includes the following:

  • An explanation of the importance of the TSI Assessment
  • Practice test questions and feedback
  • You must complete the PAA prior to testing

Additional Information

  • Registration: Click "Schedule a Testing Appointment" link to schedule your exam appointment.  You will be e-mailed a RegisterBlast confirmation number; you will need this number to submit payment for your exam appointment.
  • Cost:  $30.00 per testing session
    • Click "Testing Fee Payment" to pay for your exam.
  • Things to Bring: Payment receipt, PAA Completion Verification, and valid photo identification with signature.  (Locker storage is available for small items)
  • Retesting: Students may retest at any time for the TSI Assessment as long as there is availability in the Testing Center.

Identification Requirements:

Unless otherwise required by the test vendor, examinees must present an original, valid (unexpired), government / school issued identification, bearing both a photo and signature. The name on the roster / admissions ticket must match (excluding hyphens, accents and spaces) the name on identification document(s) presented. Moreover, the photograph must be recent and clearly match the candidate.

Accommodations for Examinees with Disabilities:

If you require accommodations based on a professionally diagnosed and documented disability, you may submit documentation to support your request to UNTD- Disability Services.  All documentation must be submitted well in advance of your preferred testing date.

Minimum Passing College Readiness Benchmarks on the TSIA: 

  • Math 350
  • Reading 351
  • Writing
    • Multiple choice score of 340 and essay score of 4 or Multiple choice score below 340, Adult Basic Education Diagnostic score of level 4, and essay score of 5.