Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Licensing Exams

Computer-Based Testing for Occupational Licenses

TCEQ CBT license examinations offer:

  • The convenience of numerous CBT exam sites
  • Daily access and expanded hours to CBT exam sites
  • Immediate exam score with e-mail option
  • Immediate printed exam analysis feedback with e-mail option
  • License issued to applicants passing CBT exam within one week of exam date
  • One immediate retest on the same day offered at some exam sites.
  • User-friendly computer screens

Examinations available for CBT by Licensing Program

  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT) - written portion
    • Customer Service Inspectors
    • Landscape Irrigation
      • Landscape Irrigation Inspector
      • Landscape Irrigation Technician (English Only)
    • Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank (LPST)
    • Municipal Solid Waste Facility Supervisors
      • Class A (4 hour time limit)
      • Class B (2 hour time limit)
    • On-site Sewage Facility (OSSF)
      • OSSF Maintenance Provider
      • OSSF Designated Representative
      • OSSF Installer I
      • OSSF Installer II
    • Underground Storage Tank (UST) On-Site Supervisor
      • UST A
      • UST B
    • Wastewater Treatment and Collection System Operators
      • Class I Wastewater Collection System Operator
      • Class II Wastewater Collection System Operator
      • Class III Wastewater Collection System Operator
      • Class B Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator
      • Class C Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator
      • Class D Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator
    • Water Treatment and Distribution System Operators
      • Class A Water Operator (6 hour time limit)
      • Class B Groundwater Operator
      • Class B Surface Water Operator
      • Class B Water Distribution
      • Class C Groundwater Operator
      • Class C Surface Water Operator
      • Class C Water Distribution
      • Class D Water
    • Water Treatment Specialists
      • Class III
      • Class II
      • Class I

NOTE: All exams have a 3-hour time limit unless otherwise noted.

Pre-approval of your licensing application is required. For pre-approval, applicants should contact TCEQ. Pre-approved test takers can schedule a testing appointment using the "Schedule a Testing Appointment" link on the left.