Testing Services at UNT Dallas

COVID-19 Alert

Out of an abundance of caution and due to the spread of COVID-19 the UNT Dallas Testing center is closed until further notice.  We will continue to assess the public health situation and determine if it is appropriate to resume operations.

During this office closure, our team is available via email at testing@untdallas.edu, and we will be offering TSI and TExES Representative Form Testing remotely, see instructions below:

Remote TSI Testing

*In order to take a remote TSI test, you must be an incoming UNTD student with a UNTD ID number.*

Note: You must have a working webcam, microphone, and quiet space to complete the remote testing session.

  1. Select "Schedule a Testing Appointment" on the left
  2. Select "ACCUPLACER/TSI" for Group
  3. Follow on-screen instructions

After you register for the exam you will receive an email confirmation.  Within two to three days you will receive a testing voucher with additional instructions on how to schedule your remote testing session.

Remote TExES Representative Testing

*In order to take a remote TExES test, you must be a UNTD student with a UNTD ID number.*

Note: You must have a working webcam, microphone, and quiet space to complete the remote testing session.

  1. Select "Schedule a Testing Appointment" on the left
  2. Select "TExES Pre-Certification Exams" for Group
  3. Select the representative exams that you need to take one by one to add to your cart
  4. You will receive an e-mail confirmation receipt; also, in two-three days you will receive an invitation through Canvas where you will join the course to take your representative exam
  5. Please ensure that you have downloaded the UNTD lockdown browser prior to attempting to take the representative exam


Testing Services supports UNT Dallas’s mission of empowering students, transforming lives, and strengthening communities by providing opportunities for the assessment of knowledge and skills relating to academic and professional goals.  

Current Test Offerings:

  • TSI Assessment
  • Correspondence / Distance Learning Tests
  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • CLEP
  • Scantron Assessment Solutions (Castle Worldwide)
  • LSAT
  • ACT Residual


7300 University Hills Blvd.

Student Services Center Building Room 2025

Dallas, TX 75241

Note: Once you are inside the Student Center follow signs for the Learning Commons

Important Things to Know


  • Payment - All payments must be made with cash, check, or money order; No credit cards are accepted on campus.
  • Parking - Please plan to arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to your testing appointment if you are not a UNT Dallas student to receive a visitor parking permit.  As a visitor, there are different parking options during your stay at the University.  For your parking convenience, UNTD serves all students by providing over 780 parking spaces in 2 parking lots.  Visitors are encouraged to park in the spaces designated “Visitor Parking Permit Required.”  Guests are limited to two free (daily) permits per school year. Subsequent permits are sold in Parking Services or online for $5.00 per day.  A visitors parking permit may be obtained from the UNTD Police Office located in suite #131 of Founder's Hall (7400 University Hills Blvd), at the welcome booth when driving on the campus, or online.  Guests and visitors to the campus are defined as anyone who is not enrolled in classes or works for the university, and who is NOT otherwise affiliated with the university in any way.  
  • Dress - Dress comfortably in layers for all testing scenarios; be prepared so you can adapt to variations in room temperature.  Although oversized jackets or coats are not permitted by many testing sponsors, you may wear sweaters or light-weight outerwear.  Hats and other none religious headgear can’t be worn into the testing room.
  • Identification - Acceptable identification documents include passport, driver's license, state identification issued by motor vehicle agency, state concealed handgun license, valid school id or military identification. Photocopied documents are unacceptable.

Prohibited Items

Always check the policies and procedures of your test sponsor.  Be aware of items that you may or may not bring to the testing center.  The following items are strictly prohibited in the computer testing labs and may not be accessed during any scheduled or unscheduled break (with the exception of food and drink):

  • Mechanical pencils
  • Cellular phones, smartphones (e.g.,  BlackBerry® devices, iPhones)
  • PDAs, tablet PCs, iPods, iPads, other SMART devices
  • Study materials (unless permitted by the test sponsor)
  • Beepers
  • Cameras and all photographic, communication, computer, and electronic devices
  • Food, drinks, gum, candy and tobacco products

Testing Services ascribes to the ethical guidelines of the National College Testing Association’s (NCTA), the Professional Standards and Guidelines for Post-Secondary Test Centers of NCTA, and the ethical guidelines of the Texas Association of Collegiate Testing Personnel (TACTP).