Major Exploration

two female students pose for camera at career fair


Selecting a major at the beginning of your educational journey is crucial for the timely completion of your degree. While some students are keenly aware of their career path and the major that will prepare them for their chosen field, others require assistance to make a selection and ultimately declare a major

The Office of Academic Advising and Student Success works closely with the Office of Career Services to provide major exploration resources and services to students. Whether you are undeclared or interested in changing your major, following the action items below will assist you with the process of affirming a major. 

Step 1: Complete a career assessment with Focus 2 (New users should contact the Office of Career Services at for the required access code) 

Step 2: Log in to your Handshake account 

Step 3: Schedule an appointment with your career advisor in Handshake to review the results from your career assessment 

Step 4: Schedule a non-registration appointment with your academic or success advisor to discuss major options