Faculty Exams: Course Make-up Testing

Instructions for UNTD Faculty

Students in your class may take make-up exams for your class at Testing Services. Below are the guidelines for testing students at the UNT Dallas testing center.

  1. E- Mail a digital copy of the Testing Request Form to testing@untdallas.edu or drop off the Testing Request Form and Exam to DAL 1 Room 301E.
    1. If an exam is dropped off it MUST be dropped off by the instructor or a departmental staff member. Please do not send a student with a copy of the exam; this compromises the validity of the exam, and the exam will not be accepted by Testing Services.
  2. Advise the student that it is recommended that they contact Testing Services 48 to 72 hours prior to their desired testing date to schedule their exam. This will ensure that we have adequate accommodations and space for each student.
    1. Students will not be able to schedule their exam until the Testing Request Form has been submitted by the instructor.
    2. We ask that instructors drop off exams at least 24 hours prior to the student’s scheduled appointment time.
  3. Upon completion of the exam, Testing Services will return the exam using the method selected by the instructor on the Testing Services Request form.
    1. Exams must be picked up by the instructor or a member of the departmental staff. No exams will be sent back by the students. The individual picking up the exam must show faculty or staff ID and sign for the exam.
    2. Exams that have not been picked up within two weeks of the completion date will automatically be scanned and e-mailed to the instructor’s HCC e-mail account.

Completing the TSR Form

Contact Number- Please give a number where you can be quickly reached in case of any irregularity during the student’s testing session. This information is for office use only and will not be shared with students

Testing Window- Provide a two – three day testing window within which students can complete their exam. Testing Services makes every effort to ensure that students will test on the same day as their scheduled class period.

Testing Time- Enter the amount of time you will be giving students to complete the exam in class.

Exam Name- Please provide a distinctive name for each exam that you submit. This will help Testing Services ensure that we administering the correct exam, and provides additional clarity during any correspondence.