Faculty Exams: Course Make-up Testing

Instructions for UNTD Faculty

Students in your class may take make-up exams for your class at Testing Services. Below are the guidelines for testing students at the UNT Dallas testing center.

  1. E-mail testing@untdallas.edu requesting faculty access to our online test management system.
  2. Once, your online account has been created you will click here to access the faculty exam portal -  Faculty Exam Portal
  3. Click Submissions, then click "+ New"
  4. Give the exam a distinct name, attach exam document, and complete online form
    1. Please use the following naming convention: Course (CRN) - Exam Title Ie. "ENGL 1313 (18323) - Exam One." This will ensure that students select the correct exam when they are registering.
    2. Also, make sure the student ID that you enter is an exact match from your roster.  Students will not be able to register for your exam if the student ID doesn't match.
  5. Once your submission has been received, it will be reviewed and approved or modified by a testing services team member.  After your submission has been approved students will be able to register online for your exam by clicking the "Schedule an Appointment" at untdallas.edu/testing.

Completing the TSR Form

Contact Number- Please give a number where you can be quickly reached in case of any irregularity during the student’s testing session. This information is for office use only and will not be shared with students

Testing Window- Provide a two – three day testing window within which students can complete their exam. Testing Services makes every effort to ensure that students will test on the same day as their scheduled class period.

Testing Time- Enter the amount of time in minutes you will be giving students to complete the exam in class.