Advising FAQ

Why do I have an “Advising Required” hold on my Student Center account?

It is university policy that new students and those recently transferred who have not completed at least two semesters at UNT Dallas will have an "Advising Required" hold on their account. Students who are on academic probation will also have an "Advising Required" hold on their account. Any student with an "Advising Required" hold in his/her student center is required to make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor prior to registration. (You may call 972-338-1645 to make your appointment or e-mail This is to advise students on selecting the best possible courses to ensure academic success.

Any student with a "TSI not complete" hold will need to speak with John Harrell prior to meeting with Academic Advising.  (You make call 972-338-1769 to make your appointment or e-mail

I can’t register because I have a “Student Financial Obligation” hold on my account. How do I remove it?

Students will see this hold each semester and it will need to be removed prior to registration. In order to acknowledge this agreement, you may remove the hold by following the steps below

  1. Log into your MY UNTDallas account or myLaw UNTDallas account using your EUID and password
  2. Select the link “Task” tile and on the lefthand side menu click on the "To Do List"
  3. Follow instructions the activity guide "UNT Dallas Registration"
  4. You are now ready to register!

I am trying to register for a course, but it says that I need a “permission code.” What should I do?

Certain courses are restricted at UNT Dallas. These will be indicated on the schedule and in the “Class Notes” section on classes searched in as “RESTRICTED COURSE. APPROVAL REQUIRED. CONTACT DEPARTMENT.” In most cases as indicated, you should contact the department first for approval. If the course requires some intervention on our part in Advising, they will refer you to us.

Can I take classes at a community college while I am attending UNT Dallas?

Yes, a student should first secure the permission of the appropriate program coordinator for your major at UNT Dallas. To gain approval for non-TCCNS equivalent courses, students will need to complete an Degree Audit Adjustment Form. Once the course has been completed, submit a copy of your updated transcript to the Office of the Registrar.

Please note:  Concurrent enrollment is not allowed for Seniors in their final graduating semester.

Do I submit my updated transcripts to my advisor?

Unfortunately, no.  Please submit your sealed transcripts to be updated at the Registrar’s office. However, you are encouraged to bring current transcripts as supporting documents for evaluation towards degree requirements in the interim until the Registrar’s office has completed their update.

I want to change my major, do I need to see an advisor?

Yes, it is required that you consult with an advisor before changing your major.  In order to change your major, you must meet with an advisor, complete a change of major form, and turn the change of major form into the Registrar's Office.

Which GPA is used to determine if I graduate with honors?

The UNT Dallas GPA is used in determining both graduation with honor and  Dean's List/President's List honor students. 

What is the minimum GPA I need to graduate with honors and what levels of distinctions are there?

A 3.5 Overall GPA is required to graduate with honors.  The different levels of distinctions include cum laude 3.5 to 3.699, magna cum laude 3.7 to 3.899, and summa cum laude 3.9 to 4.00.

I don’t agree with the grade I received from my professor. How can I appeal my grade?

You should immediately try to resolve this by discussing it with your professor. Please follow the process that is located in the Student Policies.

Remember - Students bear the burden of proof to support their petition and may be required to provide supporting justification/documentation to appeal their case. Also, please read this document carefully as there are some time sensitive stipulations in this process!

What is a Graduation Check and why do I need one?

 A graduation check is the last final check to make sure all requirements have been met in order to graduate.  A graduation check should be completed the semester before you intend to graduate or at the beginning of the graduating semester at the latest. If there is a discrepancy, then you should have time to make an adjustment (i.e. add/drop).  You may contact the Advising office at (972) 338-1645 or e-mail to schedule your graduation check appointment.

I am a Senior, when do I have to apply for graduation?

You will need to file your application online at the beginning of your (final) graduating semester. 

Where can I find out when the next commencement ceremony will occur?

The date/time and additional information is listed on the Registrar’s website at:

Can I do “concurrent enrollment” in my final graduating semester?

Unfortunately, no. Please plan ahead to do any concurrent enrollment prior to your final semester.