ACT Residual

The ACT Residual test is an acceptable alternative for students who plan to attend the University of North Texas at Dallas and who were unable to take the SAT or ACT on a nationally scheduled test date. The scores from these tests are acceptable for admission at UNTD only and are not available to other institutions.

Retesting Restrictions

Residual testing is available to students who are in the process of applying to UNTD.  A student must wait a minimum of 60 days to retake the ACT Residual.  This 60-day time limit only applies to the ACT Residual test, not national test dates.  If the 60-day time limit is violated the retest scores will be canceled automatically, and no refund will be made for canceled retests.

Testing Information

Score reports will only be sent to the student and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at UNTD. Official score reports will not be generated by ACT, and no additional score reports will be generated to report scores to any other college.

*Important note* -- Students will not be allowed to mark in the testing booklet. Scratch paper will be provided, but no markings are allowed in the testing booklet.

Most four-function, scientific and graphing calculators may be used on the Mathematics test. You may go to to find out if your calculator is acceptable.

Test Fee & Scheduling

The cost of the residual testing is $75.00.  Test takers can register up to 24 hours before the exam, but we encourage test-takers to register as soon as possible due to limited seating.  Please click the "Schedule a Testing Appointment" link on the left to schedule your ACT Residual test.  Plan for the exam to last approximately 4 hours.